Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

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Find out the best things to get your toddler this Christmas!

This Christmas, my two toddlers will be three and almost two. I’m pretty excited for it because they are starting to understand it. I don’t want my kids to think Christmas is all about gifts, so we’re not planning on getting them everything on this list. However, these are the things they have either expressed interest in or have played with at friends’ houses, church, or school.

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Both R and L love putting puzzles together. Since L is a little younger, he does better with the wooden puzzles; they have pegs and are easier to play with than the cardboard puzzles. R recently got her first real puzzle though and loves putting it together at the table.


Play Kitchen with Play Food

I think all kids love pretend play. And how could they not when they have adorable products like this:


Isn’t that the cutest thing? There are so many of these available with a ton of budgets in mind. I prefer the wood ones, because I think they’ll last longer and tend to hold up better. But there are plastic ones that are great for a smaller budget.

And you can’t have a play kitchen without pretend food and pretend pots and pans. Since there are so many little parts to having these play sets, I like to have a storage basket to keep it all. While there’s storage places in the kitchen, it’s so much easier to for little ones to be able to throw everything in one place. And I’m all for easy clean up.


Musical Instruments

Now, I’ll be honest, most of these toys probably won’t make it into our house just because it’s loud enough around here already. But a lot of parents love them (including my husband). Right now, R is pretending everything is a guitar, so it’s the go-to if we decide to get her one. There are also pianos, drums, and even microphones (although R has this one that even plays music).


Doctor Kit/Accessories

Again with the pretend play. The kiddos are really enjoying Doc McStuffins, and even have a book with cardboard cutouts of medical supplies. So, I figured a “real” medical kit would be a great step up from what they already have. Of course, there are a zillion Doc McStuffins things in case your kids are into it as much as mine.


Art Supplies

Creativity seems to be all the rage around here. Crayons are best for the little ones because it’s harder to draw all over themselves (but I would grab some magic erasers for when they draw on the walls). There’s also some awesome markers that only draw on special paper, meaning a mess is almost non-existsent.

Crayola Color Wonder



All the books. My kids love reading so much. L is constantly bringing books into the living room and asking me to read them. Books are great to wrap and for stocking stuffers. And have you heard of Usborne Books? They have some of the coolest books, and some are interactive. Favorites around here are the Feel Better book that has reusable bandaids to use on the animals in the book and The Big Book of Colors that has so many colored objects and even a color wheel.


Stocking Stuffers

A stocking is a great place to include several inexpensive gifts that kids love. A lot of times, this is where the Santa presents are in our house. I always remember getting fruit and candy (which was usually finished off before breakfast). I recently found these awesome bath drops that turn your toddlers’ bath water a different color. It’s also fun to fill their stockings with various toddler-friendly games that could also teach them something.


There are pages and pages of things you could get your toddler for gifts. This list is to give you an idea of what may be age appropriate for them as well as some things they would like. We generally do one large gift of something they want (not necessarily physically large) and a few smaller gifts of things they may need. Use this list as a guide and of course, see if your toddler drops any hints about what he or she may want.

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