The Best Baby Shower Gifts

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I used to go to baby showers and bring the typical gifts: the cute clothes, adorable towels, and if I was feeling practical, bottles or pacifiers. Then, I had kids. While all of that was wonderful, I realized how much more I actually needed. So, I changed up what I would give at baby showers. They’re not the most exciting things to receive at a shower, but a few months later, the new mom will be thrilled to have them.


An Accordion File


Okay, hear me out. When you’re a new mom, you have a lot of paperwork. A lot. There’s research you may have printed off, paperwork from the hospital, and records from baby’s doctor. When I want to give this as a gift, I go pick out a pretty accordion file and create labels for it. Think back to all the paperwork you had with a newborn. If you can’t think of any, try a few of these:

Growth charts


Vaccination records

Insurance paperwork

Birth certificate and other identifying paperwork


Registry information

This is also a great gift if you’re on a tight budget, since the supplies don’t cost much. You can add something else cute if you want, especially if you want people to ooo and ahh over it at the shower.


A Baby Medicine Kit

medicine kit

As a new mother, there’s nothing quite as bad as needing tylenol in the middle of the night during baby’s first months and not having any. Many new moms don’t think about needed medication until they need it, when they’re already stressed and frazzled. Most of the things in the kit won’t be used right away, but they’ll certainly get used. I usually buy a cute basket to put it in or plastic storage box with a lid. Some things to include:

Infant Tylenol

Infant Motrin

Teething tablets/gel

Diaper rash cream

Nipple cream (not so much for baby, but falls in the same category)

Medicine dispensers/syringes

Gripe water

Infant cold medicine

Nail clippers

When in doubt, look at what’s available in the infant/children’s section of the pharmacy. I would also recommend getting the dye-free anything when it’s available. And finally, know your audience. If the new parents like using more natural remedies, go with homeopathic medicines or things such as amber teething necklaces.


Gifts for New Mom

mom basket

After birth, mom is going to need lots of stuff too. For this gift, I start with a basket. Can you tell I like baskets? These are the things that will be helpful for the new baby, but are intended for mom. This basket tends to be a somewhat random assortment of items, but bonus points if you make a theme out of it. Items to include in this basket include:

Coffee (K-cups if she has that kind of coffee maker or just bottles of pre-made coffee)

A card saying what day you’ll bring her family dinner

Magazines (for when she’s nursing)

A pretty, reusable water bottle (nursing moms need a lot of water; even if she’s not nursing, water is good)

Itunes/app store/kindle store gift card (for games or reading when she’s nursing/feeding)

A bottle of stain remover or stain remover stick

Washable nursing pads

Dry shampoo (great for when you haven’t showered for days)

There are a ton of things you could include in this basket. Be creative. Just keep mom in mind while shopping for this gift.


Cute clothes and carseats are great. I received so many useful and adorable gifts at my shower, and a lot are still being used today. But sometimes, those small gifts no one thinks of are really helpful to a new mom and her family. Several of these are great if you’re on a budget, too. You can create a beautiful and practical basket for not a lot of money.

June 30, 2016
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