Sunday Funnies: May 7

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The kids have been sick all weekend with some nasty coughs and a fever. Decided to finally take them to the doctor this morning since strep and other things have been going around. Paid 3 copays to find out they have “cough and congestion.” I think I just became that mom.
Just finished changing the baby for bed, and the diaper was still on the floor. L picked it up so I asked him to throw it away. He threw it on the couch and proudly announced that he “threw it away.”


What is it with cereal in my house?
Sunday Funnies: May 7


The two year old has decided “paint the wall” is his new thing. He licks his hand then presses it against the wall. Since I have flat paint, I have wet, nasty handprints everywhere. I’m so ready to paint.


Why does everyone insist on taking their diapers off??


We went and got slushes today for a treat. L brought his red one to the couch, then pushed his straw all the way through it. Thanks bud.
May 7, 2017
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