Sunday Funnies: May 21

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Sunday Funnies: May 21

Welcome to another week of Sunday Funnies. It’s been quite the entertaining week at the Anderson house.



G has figured out how to pull back the cushion of his high chair. Then he pulls the fuzz off and eats it.
We’re in the car and L keeps licking his hand and reaching over to R. All the sudden, we hear, “L is trying to give me his wet stuff! That’s very angering!”


R was in the kitchen calling for daddy. He kept telling her in a minute. She finally said, “you can’t come get me now. I died waiting for you.”
R has been obsessed lately with seeing pictures of me when I was pregnant. I showed her a photo today of me pregnant with L. She said, “I wish L would go back in your tummy.”


“Do you need to go potty?”
“Okay. Be quiet. G is trying to sleep.”
“I will. But the pee is going to be loud.”


I hear the three year old teaching the two year old how to pray. My heart is happy.


The kids love an ice cream we get called “cool mint cookie.” R saw the carton today and I spent 10 minutes trying to convince her it doesn’t have leaves in it.


I busted the 3 year old changing the 2 year old’s diaper this afternoon. Trying to figure out how I can make this a permanent thing.

My husband always gives me a hard time for hugging the curb while driving. Today, R asked why I was driving on the white line. Guess my husband was more right than I realized.
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