Sunday Funnies: June 4

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Sunday Funnies: June 4

Oh boy. It’s been a fun week. L is still potty training, so most stories revolve around that. This boy is a whole different ballgame.


I put my swimsuit on to play in the sprinkler with the kids. When I came outside, R said, “Wow, mom! That swimsuit looks amazing on you!” Confidence boost from a three year old.


L ran to go potty. He got on the potty, scooted far enough back, etc. but he managed to pee right through the gap between the toilet bowl and the seat.


The kids were playing outside this morning. Found L naked from the waist down, peeing.
R fell asleep on the couch for a nap. The baby started chewing on her feet.
Y’all. L peed in my room. I sent him to the bathroom while I cleaned it up. And I went to find him in the bathroom with no underwear on flushing the toilet. Okay fine. But I can’t find his underwear. I ask him where they are. He points in the toilet. I questioned this a couple times and he said the same thing each time. I can’t find these underwear anywhere. Crap.


L told me he was hungry, but I was trying to get G down for a nap. Found L eating oatmeal. Out of the package.


I was heating up some store-bought queso today. R got mad at me because “that’s daddy’s!”
What are some of your best potty training stories? Was it easy? Hard? What about the differences in your kids?
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