Sunday Funnies: April 30

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Sunday Funnies: April 30 Edition

Since I figured most people reading are moms too, I decided to start a new series called Sunday Funnies. Every Sunday, I’ll publish a new post about the funny/crazy/obnoxious things my kids have done this week. I hope you laugh and commiserate with me.



Came back from brushing my teeth and the kids had dumped out a bag of lucky charms. All over the floor. I’m glad G has the chewing thing down. I don’t even know how they got it since we have a pantry lock. But the big kids got G a spoon to help, so mom win, right?


I was awoken this morning at 6 to R singing. I looked at the monitor to see she was in the boys’ room. Whatever, they weren’t bothering me, so I stayed in bed. Not five minutes later, she comes busting into my room. With L. “Look! He climbed out of his crib! I’m so proud!” This is what I get for saying, just yesterday, that he never climbs out of his crib.
“Stop feeding banana peels to the baby!”


The big one poured salt on the floor. Before I got it cleaned up, the baby ate some. He had a look on his face of, “what the heck just happened?”
Heard the baby choking. Went to check on him and found the big one’s foot in his mouth.


Discovered R can unlock the pantry. That explains a lot. Then she blames her little brother, even after I watched her do it.
“The baby is not a horsey!”


The kids are super into beauty and the beast right now (the animated one). Every time we watch it, they scream, “Jesus!” when the stained glass shows. I guess they’ve seen some stained glass at churches.
Remember the lucky charms? The two big ones have figured out how to just open the bag and dig out the marshmallows. It’s quite the surprise when I go to pour my cereal.
What happened with your kids this week? Let me know in the comments below.
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April 30, 2017
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