Summertime Sprinkler Fun

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We’re in Oklahoma and it’s getting crazy hot around here (like most of the country). I love that my kids enjoy playing outside, but in 90+ degree weather, it doesn’t take long to wear them out. Bummer to me since I can get so much done while they’re outside. The big one has learned to turn the water faucet on and off. Frustrating because it makes a mud puddle.


So, rather than fighting the weather and the water, we headed to the store and bought a sprinkler (also available on Amazon). But not just any sprinkler, one that came with plastic balls to put in it so it could shoot them out. R loved it, but hated putting the ball in when the water was spraying, so off to the faucet she would run to turn it off, put the balls in, then turn it back on. I got nothing done while this was happening, because it was entertaining just watching her run back and forth. She seemed surprised that the water would shoot out every time. Two-year-olds are funny.

When L got up from his nap, I sent him out to play. He was more apprehensive about the whole thing. Why would anyone intentionally get in water?

It was a crazy day, but some days, you just have to let it go and run through the water, fully dressed.

June 22, 2016
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