Organizing Your Refrigerator

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Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

Do you ever feel as though your refrigerator has a mind of its own? Honestly, it happens to the best of us. But, there’s good news. There are tons of things you can do to efficiently organize your fridge. Yay! Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Specific Placement Areas

First thing to remember is that certain sections of your refrigerator are meant for certain items. Storing everything in the proper place means your food will typically stay fresher, longer.



Many people automatically store things like milk and eggs in the door of the refrigerator. After all, who can resist the cute, egg-shaped compartment? The truth is, the door doesn’t stay cold enough to properly store either of these products.

You’re much better off keeping things like condiments, butter, water, soda, and juice in the door. Not everyone keeps their cooking oil in the refrigerator. But, if you do, stash in the door as well.


Upper Shelf

The upper shelf is the warmest part of the fridge. It’s the perfect place for things like leftovers, peanut butter and jelly, and snacks such as individual fruit cups. In the case of leftovers, you should separate them into several small contains and keep them in front so you don’t forget about them. It’s also great if you want to take some to work the next day.


Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is great for milk, eggs and raw meat and poultry. This is due to the fact that the area where the lower shelf is located is typically the coldest. It’s recommended that you place raw meats on some type of tray, so dripping liquid doesn’t contaminate the drawers below.


Lazy Susan

Once you see how convenient it is to use a lazy Susan in your refrigerator, you’ll probably wonder how you ever managed without one. Use it for jars of food you only use on occasion. This maximizes the space and still keeps everything at your fingertips.


Binder Clips

This binder clip tip is totally ingenious! Simply hang bags of food from individual wires on the shelf to make use of “dead air space” underneath. This hack works for the freezer too! Think bags of salad and shredded cheese. Unfortunately, I can’t do this one because my fridge has solid plastic shelves.


Mason Jars

If you’re a salad lover who wants to save time in the kitchen, you seriously need to take advantage of this tip! Prepare several individual salads in the jars, dressing and all! Amazingly, they’ll stay fresh for up to 14 days. This saves you the trouble of searching aimlessly in the crisper every time you want to whip up a salad.


Just Say “No”

Certain things should never be stored in your refrigerator. This includes coffee, bananas, melons, honey, garlic, bread, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. Bread, however, can be safely stored in the freezer.


Meal Plan

One of the best ways to keep your fridge organized is to not have a lot of excess food in it. When you meal plan, you know exactly what’s in your refrigerator and when it will be used (mostly). It’s also easier to know what goes with meals and what you can snack on. Do you need some help getting started meal planning? I wrote a whole post on it.


When it comes right down to it, organizing your refrigerator is probably easier than you think. Even if you do it in “baby steps” over a period of a couple of days, you still get the job done. The end result is a sense of accomplishment and a super-organized fridge. What could be better than that?


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