Feeling Like Yourself Again After Baby

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Want to feel more like yourself after giving birth? Check out a few tips on feeling better once baby gets here.

I just had my third baby 5 days ago. While I know I’m not going to bounce back to my pre-pregnancy weight anytime soon, there are certain things I do to make sure I feel more like myself everyday. I know a lot of women use this time to not have to worry about looking good or having a clean house. While I tend to do the same thing, I don’t like to sit around feeling ugh. Here’s what I do to feel (slightly) more normal after coming home with baby:


Put on makeup

Now, I’m not talking about putting on the full face of makeup all the time. Just some concealer and mascara helps me feel put together. Pre-baby, I wore makeup everyday, so it makes sense that I would want a little extra help after. If you didn’t wear a lot or any makeup before baby came along, then I would understand why this tip wouldn’t be for you.


Take a shower

Even if you can’t do this everyday, try to do it as often as you can. It’s amazing what warm water and non-greasy hair can do for my attitude. Even when I’m exhausted, it really revitalizes me. I usually try to wait until the two toddlers are in bed at night and the baby is asleep.


Brush your teeth

This sounds like a huge “duh,” but it’s amazing what you forget in a tired state. Brush your teeth everyday. It makes you feel cleaner and more put together, even if nothing else gets done except keeping baby content.


Wipe down the table

This may not seem like a big deal to most people, since most people know how to eat without slinging food everywhere. However, I have two other toddlers. The table is a mess after every single meal. Clearing it off and taking a sponge and rag to it after we eat makes me feel like my house is much cleaner (even if there is a pile of toys behind me).


I understand these things are not feasible for every new mom. There are factors that won’t allow you to do them, such as being a single mom or having a rough/traumatic delivery. As always, make sure not to overdo anything. And if doing anything causes you to hurt, etc., stop. Call your doctor if anything seems off.

August 17, 2016
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