Dear Baby, I’m Sorry About the Toddlers

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Dear Baby, I'm Sorry About the Toddlers

Dear Baby,

Im sorry about the toddlers. I’m sorry they’re so loud. I’m sorry they always sit on you and have no concept of personal space. I’m sorry they feel the need to talk to you (loudly) while sitting an inch from your face.

When the two-year-old drags you around the living room, it’s only because he desperately wants to play with his little brother. He doesn’t understand that you don’t know how to play yet. I know it’s crazy when they run circles around you and you can’t even crawl yet.

I’m sorry they try and pick you up and you immediately tumble out of their arms. But I’m so glad you’re a good sport about it.

I’m sorry that when you finally fall asleep in your swing, they decide to run up to you and scream.

I’m sorry it’s always so crazy around here that you have no idea what it’s like to be alone.

I’m sorry I can’t always just enjoy your smile, because one of your siblings needs me.

Dear Baby, I'm Sorry About the Toddlers

The things that happen when the baby is left alone with the toddlers.

But do you know what I love? I love the way they find a pacifier for you the moment you start crying. I love how they show you whatever toy they’re playing with because they want you to enjoy it with them. I love when they cuddle you and give you kisses before bed.

The way they pat your back after you eat makes my heart smile, even if they don’t quite know their own strength yet. It’s adorable when they run up to your first thing in the morning just to tell you, “good morning.” I love the way they fight over who gets to hold you.

Mostly, I love their love for you. I pray they always carry that love for you, because I want all of you to have each other even after I’m gone.

February 6, 2017
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