Celebrating Your Toddler’s Birthday

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Don't want to throw your little one a birthday party? Try out some other ways to make them feel special on their big day.

Face it: your kid’s first birthday party is way more for you than for them. We threw both big kids a first birthday party and plan to for the newest baby as well. We never went all out, mostly just pizza, cake, and some fun. But it was a lot of money and a lot of effort for just a couple hours of something they’re not even going to remember. So we decided that for the rest of their young birthdays, we are just going to do special things for them without the major expense and crazy pressure.

You definitely don’t need to do everything on this list to make your birthday boy or girl feel special. Choose a few that work for your family and enjoy the smiles on his or her face all day.


Birthday Pancakes

A special breakfast is always fun. Throw some sprinkles in the morning pancakes and you have an instant celebration. For extra fun, put some whipped cream on top.



My kids love balloons! There are a lot of things your can do with them too. Fill your kiddo’s bedroom with them for when he wakes up. Get a couple and tie them to his chair at the dining table.


A Favorite Lunch

Does your little one love McDonalds or Chick-fil-A but never gets to go? Take her to lunch or dinner at her favorite place, just like you would love as an adult. Bonus points if there is a play place.


A Special Show

This one takes some planning and possibly some expense. Daniel Tiger happens to have a live show two days after R’s third birthday. We are thrilled to surprise her with tickets to the show for her birthday (from grandma and grandpa).


A New Outfit/Button/Pin

A lot of little ones love when people acknowledge them, so make it obvious to others that it’s his birthday. Try a new, special shirt that has the age he’s turning on it. Or get a button that says, “I’m 4!” on it. Several people may tell him happy birthday during your regular errands and that will make him feel really special.



Always cake. We love cake around here. Get a cupcake and a candle (if you think she’s old enough for that) and sing happy birthday. It’s the enjoyment of a birthday party without the pressure and craziness.


What things do you do to celebrate your kids’ birthdays?

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