About Me

I’m Veronica and a mom of (almost) three kiddos under three. As my husband can attest, things can get a little crazy around here. I know how hard it is to have littles running around, and I have to stay organized to get anything done, even if I can’t always follow the plan. I hope I can share some of my tricks for organizing my home and my schedule.

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I am nowhere near the perfect mom. Some days, it doesn’t even feel like I’m a decent mom. I want to share the things that have worked for me and learn more along the way.


Want to know some random facts? Here goes:

  • I consider myself “mid-maintenance.” I don’t need the latest, greatest products, but I still like doing my makeup and hair. And new clothes are always fun.
  • I’m a freelance copyeditor. We all make mistakes. If you see a glaring grammar mistake, please let me know.
  • I love to sew. I’ve made a wedding dress before, yet I’m too nervous to make stuff for my kids.
  • My husband and I own our own business that we’re trying to grow. He’s an audio/visual consultant, and I do all the behind-the-scenes stuff.


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June 19, 2016