10 Uses for Baby Wipes (that have nothing to do with baby)

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Baby wipes have a ton of uses that aren't just for babies. Check out several ideas!

I currently have two kids two and under; one is still in diapers and one is potty training. There’s also a third one on the way. It would be an understatement to say we have a lot of baby wipes around here. What’s great about them is they have so many uses even when they’re not wiping baby booties. Here’s just a few great uses for them.


Cleaning off the dining room table

With a one- and two-year-old, our table is constantly disgusting. I’m not even sure how they get it so dirty/sticky/gross. I’ve used sponges and soap, a magic eraser, paper towels with cleaner, etc. While all of these work wonderfully, they are quite the process to go through three or more times a day, plus I have to dry the table or it leaves spots. But I always have wet wipes on hand. It takes just one or two and I can use them to scrub down gunky spots without having to go over it with a dry towel.


Wiping down the toilet seat

The two-year-old is still potty training, and she doesn’t quite understand not spraying the entire toilet seat. It’s very convenient to grab a wipe to get everything off the toilet, especially when she doesn’t want to get up because “it’s wet!”



I am a lazy cleaner. And I don’t like to drag everything out when the kids want to “help.” I use wipes to dust down my windowsills, furniture, baseboards, basically anything sealed. The best part is that the kids can help without me worrying if they’ll make a bigger mess. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work for windows. It definitely leaves streaks.
Baby wipes have a ton of uses that aren't just for babies. Check out several ideas!


Cleaning the whiteboard

We have a calendar whiteboard in our hallway for family schedules. Every month, we wipe the whole thing down and start over. Using the dry-erase eraser never seems to get everything. And when you don’t get all the gross off, it ends up on your hand while trying to write the new schedule on it. A wet wipe gets everything in one pass.


Makeup remover

If you need something in a pinch to get your makeup off at night (or when you make a mistake), a wet wipe is amazing. It gets everything off in a stroke or two, and even some of my waterproof mascara.


Cleaning off spray tan or hair color

If you’ve gotten a spray tan recently and it’s starting to fade and get blotchy, using a couple of wet wipes seems to do the trick. It doesn’t completely take it off, but it helps even it out so it doesn’t look so fake bake. The same goes for hair color on your skin if you’ve done it at home recently. The best time to take care of it is while it’s still wet on your skin, but it still helps if it has already dried.


Car detailing

I almost always have a package of wipes in my car. They’re great for cleaning off the dashboard, radio, and steering wheel. They’re especially helpful for cup holders that can get sticky and gross.



I obviously keep baby wipes with me since I have little kids, but I’ll probably keep a small package with me wherever I go even when they’ve outgrown that stage. I use them to clean down tables and chairs in restaurants and food courts. It’s not always possible to find a spotless table, so a quick wipe down gives you more options. They’re also helpful for highchairs, since we all know those things can get pretty nasty.


Temporary tattoos

This one may be a little more kid-based, but not for dirty diapers. My kids love temporary tattoos, but will hardly stay still long enough to apply them. Use a wet wipe instead of finding a sponge and getting it wet.

Baby wipes have a ton of uses that aren't just for babies. Check out several ideas!


Washing hands

Water is not always available when hands are grimey. And some of those public bathroom sinks would probably make your hands dirtier than doing nothing. When in doubt, grab a wet wipe and use it to get the nasty off your hands.



Don’t throw out the wipes containers. They are useful for so much! I’ll give you more ideas in a later post.


What do you use baby wipes for? Let me know in the comments!

July 12, 2016
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    I have two grown boys and a stepson who is 9 so it’s been awhile since we have used baby wipes. I had forgotten how useful they are! Thanks for the reminder and nice to meet you:) I look forward to seeing more of your blog and getting to know a fellow blogger:)

    July 21, 2016 at 2:16 pm
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